If you are interested in knowing the price of an item of ours, just send us a generic e-mail or use the form “INFO REQUEST” available on the page of each item.

We will reply in a short time and inform you about price and availability.

Instead, if you want information about several items, you can use the function “ADD TO THE QUOTE LIST” for information about several items in a single request.

N.B.: after selecting the items you are interested in with the button “ADD TO THE QUOTE LIST”, you can request information directly in the page “QUOTE REQUEST” available in the menu.

This request for quote is completely free of charge and does not commit you in any way to conclude a possible purchase.

Your data will be used only and exclusively to reply to your request for quote, after which it will be deleted.


We accept payment with these methods:

  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal


We ship to Europe and worldwide with FedEx or DHL.
The shipping estimate will be made from time to time, based on the weight and size of the package.

We do not accept cash on delivery payments.